We here at Sun and Surf take great pride in our extensive landscaping and property management services and in our high degree of customer satisfaction. We offer free and ACCURATE estimates, prompt service, and we guarantee our work. We stress to our employees respect for customers and attention to detail.

Landscaping is a great way to extend living areas, add curb appeal, and supplement the function of any property. It is also a great investment in your property. Money magazine wrote that a well conceived project can result in a 100-200% return on your money, compared to kitchens (75-125%), and bathrooms (80-120%). Furthermore, a Gallup report showed that landscaping can add between 7 to 15% to your homeís value.

We look forward to blending your ideas with a functional design to produce an inviting environment your whole family will enjoy. Follow that up with our meticulous maintenance and your ideas can lead to a beautiful property we can all be proud of. If a design project isnít in your future plans let us expertly maintain the beauty and health of your yard.

Contact us today and find out how we can help increase the value of your home.


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